Baroque Music Connecting People

French Baroque music used to be primarily performed in courts so there was a huge social aspect to it. NewBaroque was formed as a community, as to encourage people to talk and engage with each other over a common interest.

As an international society, NewBaroque connects people from around the world who are interested in Baroque music or the Baroque period of musical history. We encourage discussion around Baroque music through our blog, and we find that such communication is extraordinarily helpful whether to performers, composers or others!

You will see that our website has a members section with profile pages for each of our members. One of the benefits of becoming part of the NewBaroque community is the exposure you get and contacts you make.

NewBaroque is committed to bringing together people involved with Baroque music all around the world. Are you a performer of Baroque music? Or maybe you're a composer of Baroque-inspired music? Become a member today and join us on our unique journey of celebrating some of the best-loved music that exists.

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