Posted by Anthony Daly, Founder of NewBaroque
April 17, 2019

Flute Sonata in A

Flute Sonata in A is a sonata for flute and continuo in two movements by Anthony Daly. The opening movement is an andante, with a clear melody line in the flute, supported harmonically by the bass, which provides accompaniment typical of a slow movement in a traditional Baroque sonata.

The music modulates to E major, followed by B minor and D major, before returning to the home key of A major at bar 49 for a recapitulation of the main theme.

Ornamentation in the opening movement is highly desirable; it's left to the performers judgement, as would be the case in Baroque times, where the players were also skilled improvisers.

Anthony Daly

The next movement is an allegro, featuring a lively theme and equally involved bass line. Harmonically, this piece explores functional harmony together with adventurous melodic writing, for example the sweeping melodic statements at bar 11 and the bass movement at bar 15.

We encounter statements of the subject in F-sharp minor and D major, and we briefly touch upon B minor before the final entry. Moments low in the range of the flute such as bar 18 are contrasted with other times where the higher register is used, such as at the end of bar 38.

The two-movement piece is rounded off with a final statement of the main theme starting half way through bar 49.

Flute Sonata in A is available for purchase from the NewBaroque marketplace.

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