A Sad Song

A Sad Song is a work for soprano & cello set in 1 movement by Mitch Boucher. Score and parts are available for £9.00.

- Downloadable PDF score and parts in a *.zip file
- Link to download emailed within two days of purchase

From the composer: This work gradually grew as I wrote it. As anyone may recognize, the melody is 'Ich ruf zu Dir' by Johann Agricola, and anyone familiar with Bach will also recognize his organ work and cantata under the same title. I was listening to his sacred arias (BWV 439-507) for quite some time and decided to develop a bass line around the melody, but I also adapted the text to express something more personal. After this was done, I constructed a poem of two more stanzas and adapted them to a suitable melody, so this song is really in three parts: chorale, aria, and a lullaby. A cello may play the bass line and a soprano can sing the words; alternatively it may just be an instrumental duet.

£ 9.00 incl. VAT

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