Aus Tiefer Not, Schrei Ich zu Dir

Aus Tiefer Not, Schrei Ich zu Dir is a work set in 1 movement by Mitch Boucher. Score and parts are available for £20.50.

- Downloadable PDF score and parts in a *.zip file
- Link to download emailed within two days of purchase

From the composer: This set of variations has no specific instrumentation, as was sometimes common of chamber music during the Baroque era. The famous melody composed by Martin Luther was used notably by Bach several times. The five variations are as follows: a simple chorale in multiple parts whose harmonic construction is steady throughout. The first variation is quicker and more frantic, with the subject bouncing between voices. The second variation is a stately gigue for merely three instruments, while the fourth variation is a somber fugue. The final chorale is daunting in its manner; two voices carry the subject while the rest give harmony. No instrumentation is specified; the work may be fine for a combination of string or wind quartet.

£ 20.50 incl. VAT

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