Fugue from Suite in F Minor

Fugue from Suite in F Minor is a keyboard work set in 1 movement by Mitch Boucher. Score and parts are available for £4.90.

- Downloadable PDF score and parts in a *.zip file
- Link to download emailed within two days of purchase

From the composer: This somber suite was written over the course of four years. I find F minor to be a good key for expressing dark and gloomy states of mind. The opening sarabande was written in 2014 but I added sequences to it in 2018; it is the longest movement, and also the oldest. The short prelude which follows has a staggering rhythm topped with shifting chords. The fugue is one of my first fugues, written for a counterpoint class in 2015; while the subject is short, we hear it often throughout the piece. The allemande, written in 2017, was inspired by the F minor prelude in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, and it is also an early study in sequential development. The second sarabande, written in 2018, is almost like an invention, and was partially inspired by the sarabande of Bach's Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV 826. The gigue, written in 2016, is full of angry, frantic energy, and the chromatic descending motif we hear in the fugue returns to perfectly close out the entire suite. The work may be performed on piano or harpsichord.

£ 4.90 incl. VAT

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