Gavotte from Suite in C

Gavotte from Suite in C is a keyboard work set in 1 movement by Mitch Boucher. Score and parts are available for £2.45.

- Downloadable PDF score and parts in a *.zip file
- Link to download emailed within two days of purchase

From the composer: This keyboard suite, written in a span of months, is my first attempt at the genre. When I heard that my teacher, Ray Cornils, was retiring from teaching I decided to write a suite in homage to all that I had learned from our studies. I had learned the technique of scales as well as the importance of counting and rhythm, and this entire piece is dedicated to those lessons as well as the C major scale. The opening prelude is full of harmonic progression similar to many Bach pieces, and the fugue is a simple, three-voice dance. The allemande is quite lengthy and contrapuntally inventive, with creative syncopation and suspensions. The gavotte is a straightforward two-part form, symmetrical in the number of bars for each section with tricky arpeggios. The sarabande is a slow, bittersweet dance similar to those found in Bach's French Suites, and the minuet (like the gavotte) has a similar number of measures per section. It also contains one of the shortest sequences I've written in the final few bars. The gigue is the concluding dance, filled with scale-like passages and harmonic surprises.

£ 2.45 incl. VAT

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