Prelude in F major (for my Teachers)

Prelude in F major (for my Teachers) is a prelude set in 1 movement by Mitch Boucher. Score and parts are available for £8.20.

- Downloadable PDF score and parts in a *.zip file
- Link to download emailed within two days of purchase

From the composer: This is a sentimental prelude. Its form is more canonical and like an invention, drawn out over fifty bars. The subject is based on the initials of all of my teachers who helped me grow as a musician, and the number or measures equals the number of teachers multiplied by the number of years I have been involved in music (I began in 2008; the prelude was written in 2018). The subject consists of the following notes: F (Fleming) A (Antonacos) C (Cornils) D (Daniel Sonenberg) B natural (B in German is H; Margaret Harper) and returning to C for modulation purposes. The subject is treated as a canon, or with fugal touches, and so forth.

£ 8.20 incl. VAT

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