Mitch Boucher

Mitch Boucher

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Mitch Boucher is a member of the NewBaroque community.

Mitch Boucher began studying pipe organ from 2008 to 2013 during high school. He was accepted into the University of Southern Maine in spring of 2014 and studied piano for a year, then changed his primary instrument to harpsichord from 2015 to 2018. Also in 2015, he decided his major would be music composition and he began experimenting in the Baroque style. His composition studies concluded in 2018 and he received his diploma in 2019.

His list of teachers include the following:

Sean Fleming (organ and piano) from 2008-2013
Anastasia Antonacos (piano) from 2014-2015
Ray Cornils (harpsichord) from 2015-2017
Margaret Harper (harpsichord) from 2017-2018
Daniel Sonenberg (music composition) from 2015-2018


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