Simone Cristianus

Simone Cristianus

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Simone Cristianus is a member of the NewBaroque community.

Born: 1986, Oslo, Norway. Began producing electronic music at the age of 12. Has written in many styles within electronic music, hard style, hard house, euro trance & goa trance. Signed a promorelase in UK in 2002. Began playing piano in 2003 and experimenting with classical music. Started composing music in classical style and later romantic style from 2004. Been composing in late/early Baroque idiom from 2005 to present. Studied church music (organ with professor Bjørn Boysen, piano, harpsichord, composition, choir conducting) at Norwegian academy of music from 2010 - 2014. Established and lead ensemble "Ny barokk" from 2010 - 2015 together with violinist Mira Aas. In the same period the ensemble toured eastern Norway and had annual Christmas concerts. Writes music in the early/late Italian Baroque style.

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